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Video content is now an integral part of the learning process. Teachers are using video clips to set up discussions in their classrooms. The Middle East is a region with a rich cultural heritage and the TRIARC Learning collection maps well against core educational curricula bringing the region’s, history, sites and people into context. We hope that our content will inspire new generations of students all over the world.


Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra

200 years after defeating the Egyptian queen Cleopatra, Rome found itself waging war against another woman. But this time she was an Arab. Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra, presided over a complex civilisation, whose capital was in, what is today, the Syrian desert but whose borders she expanded from Egypt in the west to Turkey in the east. Zenobia’s courage, intellect and instinct for survival made her an Arab warrior queen unlike any other.

Language: English
Duration: 02:29
Keywords: Arab Arabic Arabian Palmyra Tadmor Syria Syrian Zenobia Queen-Zenobia-of-Palmyra Emperor-Aurelian Roman emperor empire Septimia-Zenobia Bat-Zabbai Palmyrene-Empire ancient history archaeology historical warrior queen education triarc triarc-learning Queen-of-Palmyra